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Every commercial business, big or small eventually has the same dream and that is, to establish and expand its brand on a global level. For this dream to become a reality, the entrepreneurs have to understand and overcome certain global market conditions. Broadening your professional network is no easy feat and the main doorway that leads to it is by making and maintaining connections with the right individuals who can play a very important role in the growth of your company. So here are some valuable tips on getting you started on the expansion of your professional network.

1. Build upon your existing contacts.

 There is no need to start from scratch for the expansion of your professional network because you can begin making connections with your existing contacts. When you work with your current clients with whom you already have a good relationship, it becomes easier for you to grow your network since you can tap into their   connections and slowly broaden your contact list. So always ensure that you provide quality services for your clients and pay extra attention to those clients who operate on a global level.

2. Always lend a helping hand. 

Genuinely kind or generous gestures will definitely bring you unexpected opportunities that can lead towards the growth and success of your business. When a member of your network or client requires support or help in any service related matter, you should immediately take measures to help them out in every way you  can. The quick response will be remembered by your client and that good deed will  be paid back to you one way or another in the long run. This will also help in building a good reputation for your business.

3. Keep an active online presence.

Always keep in constant touch with your professional connections by communicating via SMS, emails and social media. In today’s world, having a consistent web presence has become an important marketing factor for all kinds of businesses. You should make sure that all your company’s current profile information, ongoing events etc. are correctly updated on your respective website and across all social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Apart from posting, responding to queries and commenting on other people’s posts with helpful or thoughtful gestures, will also attract potential members to your network.

4. Host or attend networking events.

 Apart from online communication, you should keep in touch through personal or direct communication as well. Communicating through direct phone calls and holding face-to-face meetings says a lot about your company’s reputation. This will highlight the company’s sincerity towards providing the best service for its clients. Holding or attending networking events, conferences or workshops will definitely give your existing network a boost. This way you get a chance to form a more personal bond with your current as well as prospective clients. They will be able to get a more clear picture of your company and also understand your dedication towards its future growth.

5. Be a good listener and questioner.

A most important aspect of a conversation is to listen well. Listen to what the other person has to say, understand the core content of the conversation and respond accordingly. In this manner, that person will feel your genuine interest in the topic of discussion and help strengthen your connection. Asking questions is another way of conveying your interest in the conversation. So there is no need to feel shy or  hesitate and just ask and clarify all your queries.

6. Follow up with your connections.

Last but not least, always keep a frequent follow with all your connections. For new clients, you can send a personal message via email expressing your pleasure in meeting them and your service availability for them. For regular clients you can update them with any upcoming events or new services you are providing and if any issues or service requests from the client’s side, make sure they are addressed at the earliest. Always make sure there is consistency in your clients’ satisfaction, for the sake of maintainance and expansion of a good professional network.

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