How to Hire Employees For a Startup?

by | Sep 2, 2022 | Recruitment, Staffing

Nowadays, becoming an entrepreneur or starting up a business, inspired by one’s own passion or interest has become a popular trend. With the advancement of technology and social media platforms, conducting a business has also become easier. Nevertheless, a business cannot be run by one person alone. A successful business is launched with the help of a team and you need the right candidates to form that team. An appropriate hiring strategy for each stage of your business should be formed and implemented.

Many entrepreneurs commit the mistake of hiring the wrong individuals, which eventually lead their business into chaos. There should be a proper hiring process involved, in order to curate the top candidates.

So to enlighten all aspiring entrepreneurs, here are some helpful tips to consider while hiring a candidate for a startup:

1. Choosing the Cherry

Now, what do you mean by ‘choosing the cherry’? We are all familiar with the idiom ‘cherry on top’ which refers to something that makes something that is already good, even better or perfect. This idiom is applicable to the recruiters who are looking to hire because they are not looking for just good candidates, but the best. The best candidates who will lead their company
towards success.

But due to budget constraints, most startups opt for junior interns or fresher candidates who possess very basic skills. This creates a loss of time and money, as the candidates would have to be trained and should be given ample time to grow their skills. It would be good to have a balance of senior and junior candidates on the team, so you get to provide quality service, save time on training and you can get inputs of expertise and current trends alike.

When you choose junior candidates or interns, make sure they are a solution maker and not a troublemaker, i.e, they should possess the maturity and intelligence to confront any challenges that come their way and address them professionally.

2. Find the Talents at the Source

Other than posting jobs online, there are other ways of sourcing skillful candidates. One way is to take part in training programs and job fairs, where you will meet candidates who are in search of an opportunity to launch their career. This is a mutually-benefiting condition, as both parties get to learn and grow together, to achieve their goals. Another method is to visit the relevant colleges or universities and source candidates by conducting a placement interview.

3. Make the Match

The three aspects that you need to ask yourself , when you are hiring candidates:
a. Does his/her work profile match your job description?
– For this make sure your job brief is explained well, inclusive of all details, so that the candidates have clarity on your expectation level.
b. Is he/she a match for your company culture?
– Enquire further about the candidate’s work culture, hobbies and other interests.
This will help in understanding their character and work ethics.
c. Does he/she have a genuine interest to work in your company?
– This you will get to realize towards the end of the interview, through the candidate’s
responses, queries and behavior during the interview. So keep a sharp eye on these
details for a better assessment.

To conclude, it is always best to take your time in assessing candidates and do not just hire junior interns blindly. By taking the above mentioned points into consideration, it will surely help you in your hiring process.

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